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    Standard Übernahme von Expert Flyer durch Red Ventures: wie geht's weiter?

    To Our Friends and Customers,

    Almost 14 years ago, a group of frequent flyers came together to solve a problem in air travel. We knew that access to in-depth information about flights would help to make the trip planning process easier and enhance the overall travel experience. This information had been locked away for decades behind travel agent terminals and airline reservation agents, but we knew it existed and that making it available would take some of the pain out of air travel. So, we launched ExpertFlyer and unlocked this data to help travelers fly better. Fourteen years and millions of searches and alerts later, we have succeeded in bringing comfort and value to frequent flyers around the world and we want to do more for our customers.

    Today, we are announcing the next step in our journey. We are happy to announce that ExpertFlyer has been acquired by Red Ventures. With its experience in data science and analytics, we’ve found Red Ventures to be an innovative company whose expertise and resources will allow us to take ExpertFlyer to the next level. We are looking forward to all we will be able to accomplish together in furthering our joint mission to help consumers travel better.

    To celebrate ExpertFlyer’s new chapter, and as a small token of appreciation to our loyal customers, effective immediately, we are increasing the number of active alerts for our Premium subscribers from 30 to 200. We hope this will allow our subscribers to find our service even more valuable today, while we work on the ExpertFlyer of tomorrow. We plan on continuing to run the ExpertFlyer service as it is currently, while expanding and growing it in ways we could not have before on our own, all without a price increase.

    We want to thank everyone who has supported us during this journey. We couldn’t have made it this far without you and we are excited to have you join us for the next 14 years of ExpertFlyer.

    Thank you,
    The Team

    Wie wird's jetzt mit EF weitergehen?
    Many people would be scared
    if they saw in the mirror not their face -
    but their character.

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    steht doch schon im text drin, wie es jetzt weiter geht?!

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    Was es konkret heisst, Preise, Verfügbarkeit etc. ist noch offen.
    Red Ventures möchte uU etwas ROI sehen...

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    D.h. die Userdaten werden wohl zusätzlich zu Kohle gemacht.
    Was steht derzeit dazu in den T&C?

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    Red Ventures gehört auch The Points Guy und dort schreibt man:
    Additionally, ExpertFlyer intends on adding new features to its service, powered by Red Ventures’ deep experience in data science and analytics. It also plans on a redesign that will make using the search engine easier, and make ExpertFlyer an even better tool for travelers than it already is. But most importantly, the new partnership will allow us here at TPG to create more data-powered posts that help you book the awards you want. We’ve already sat down with the ExpertFlyer team and started imagining the possibilities that can come from combining the redemption data of ExpertFlyer with the earning and maximization techniques of TPG. I think it’s the perfect match.
    Automatisch generiertes Angebote mit vielen Meilen?




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