Sonstige: Lumiwings plant Einstieg ins Liniengeschäft



Laut Medien ist die Verkaufsseite zusammengebrochen, als man die neue Verbindung nach IST veröffentlichen wollte... Soll demnächst gefixt werden

Tuzla Airport Director Dževad Halilčević told Zamaaero that they are in constant contact with the company and that it is an error in the sales system. Halicevic said that they are in a truly constant fight for the survival of the lines, a fight for every passenger, and that they are trying to find ways with Lumiwings to keep flights from the summer flight schedule, and even increase the number of lines and frequencies.

Haličević believes that Lumiwings will not leave Tuzla even after the summer flight schedule, let alone now, but says that, unfortunately, today they can no longer be sure of anything.

He claims that tickets are still sold through agencies and airport sales services, although they are not sold through the Lumiwings website.


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Dear Customers, Due to the decision of Tuzla International Airport not to support the routes, we are sorry to announce, that all Lumiwings commercial flights to and from Tuzla have been cancelled, starting from 27 February 2024 with immediate effect. Tickets that have been purchased will be reimbursed and compensated, in accordance with the regulations in force. We, as Lumiwings, are truly sorry for the inconvenience. Lumiwings

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